Where Are They Now: MTV “True Life” Couple Charlie B. & Sabrina

1. In 2002, MTV’s “True Life: I’m Getting Married” filmed three couples as they geared up for their big day. The breakout stars from that episode were Staten Island couple Charlie and Sabrina Balducci.

2. The two spent most of their segments bickering with each other. But what viewers remember most is the infamous limo freak-out scene.

When the limo driver was late picking up groom Charlie B. for the wedding, he threatened him, telling the driver over the phone, “I will gut you like the piece of shit that you are … I will hunt you down like cattle and gut you!”

3. Eleven years later, Charlie B. and Sabrina are still together. They recently spoke with “20/20” and reflected on their experience.

Charlie B. still stands by his limo freak-out, saying, “In defense of myself, I really did what any Staten Islander would have done in that situation.”

Check out the video over at 20/20.

4. Today Sabrina works at a hair salon, and Charlie runs a nonprofit called NYC Arts Cypher, whose mission is to promote positive values through arts and entertainment programs, projects, and events, with a focus on emerging artists and teens.

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