‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher Opens Up About Wedding To Jordan Rodgers EXCLUSIVE

There’s nothing I want more in life than an invitation to JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ wedding.

The former sat down with Elite Daily to discuss the details of her dream day and it made me seriously SO FREAKING EXCITED for this couple to tie the knot.

Now, don’t freak out yet, because JoJo and Jordan are still focused on enjoying their engagement together. When asked how wedding planning is going, JoJo says the timeline they’re envisioning now is quite different from theinitial plans after the show.


She explains,

I think when we first got engaged, I was so excited. He was so excited that we said that were gonna get married like ASAP because I think just that feeling it was so exciting. And then real life happens and you move with each other and the you realize that this is something you take your time on. And you enjoy being courted and enjoy being engaged and there’s no rush for either one of us. And so when the time is right, we’re gonna do it. That’s still something that we obviously plan to do, but we’re not going to just rush into it because that’s what’s expected, if that makes sense.

It makes total sense. JoJo and Jordangot engaged with millions of people watching. It’s understandable they want to take their time on this and not rush their engagement.

That doesn’t mean JoJo isn’t constantly visualizing her dream wedding, though. The 26-year-old admits her dream wedding day has changed 100 times. I have like, 50 different Pinterest boards, she says.

Girl, please. I don’t even have a boyfriend and I already have 45 secret Pinterest boards for my dream wedding. I just have to find someone who won’t dump me hahahah, FML?


JoJo says her Pinterest board is private, so don’t get any ideas, you snoopers. She adds,

I was looking at it the other day at dresses. I just think that you know how everyone says when you try on a dress you’ll know? I have no clue what style it’s gonna be but I think would know. I don’t know, it’s exciting to think about whenever it does happen.

The did share with me the one moment she’s most excited for when she marries Jordan Rodgers:

Well, I think the one moment that every girl dreams and thinks about is the moment that he sees you for the first time and the look on his face. Like, is he gonna be crying? Is he gonna be smiling? Like, so important.


JORDAN, YOU BETTER CRY. I’M SERIOUS, BRO. Sniff an onion before or something. Have a friend punch you in the face. JoJo agrees,

Yeah! Put some eye drops in your pocket. Something.

YEAH! Well, I’ll keep an eye out for my wedding invitation in the mail. Until then, JoJo and Jordan, thanks for making my life with all your epic tweets and Snapchats.

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