9-Year-Old Gospel Powerhouse Steals Steve Harveys Show Singing “Amazing Grace”

There are few things more entertaining than Steve Harveys Little Big Shots on NBC.

Something about kids who say the darnedest things combined with EXTREMELY talented three- to four-footers makes for some seriously good entertainment.

One little big shot that took the stage as her own was 9-year-old Skylynn Grayer.

The gospel singer from Chicago, Illinois, may be small in stature, but her voice is anything but.

As Skylynn took the stage to perform her incredible rendition of Amazing Grace, no one could have expected her performance to turn into CHURCH.

But this passionate young woman did just that. After a slow and steady intro to the classic hymn, Skylynn pulled out all the stops.

Accompanied by a gospel choir, this little big shot added color, flare and a whole lot of praise, making this version of Amazing Grace completely her own.

Check out her performance below! I guaranteeshell have you on your feet and clapping along by the very end.



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