I’m Jaded, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Ready To Quit Dating

Ive always been incredibly fascinated by love.

Its why I relate to Taylor Swift so incredibly, and why when I started my blog, I knew love had to be a category. Maybe its because Im a Libra and ruled by Venus. I dont know. Or maybe its because I was a Disney child. (OK, it was definitely because I was a Disney child.)

I grew up thinking Prince Charming really existed. I thought Id find him when I was 16, just like Ariel, and life would be nothing but happy songs, rainbows and, well, you might as well throw in a unicorn there just for shits.

Theres one quote that sticks out to me from the ever so popular Aquamarine (Im bringing back Emma Roberts and Jojo circa 2006), but it goes something like this, Love is the closest thing we have to magic. And you know what? Jojo was fucking right.

Twelve-year-old meloved the idea of love, loved that it was something that supposedly felt like magic. Jump forward to 2009 and 15-year-old mehad fallen forLove Story by Taylor Swift because it played out all her wildest dreams.(See what I did there?)

Then, 16-year-old me replayed the You Belong With Me video at least once before she went to bed and once when she woke up. For once, there was an artist who seemed to be as infatuated with love as I was.

As Ive grown older, Ive come to realize that lovedoesfeel like the closest thing we have to magic. So THANK YOU, JOJO. But Ive also come to realize that, just like Taylor Swift, Ive grown up and turned intoa woman jaded by society. Im jaded by the men Ive dated or longed for, and the idea that in order for love to bereal, a relationship has to be tumultuous.

Young adults my age thrive on drama and the tragedy of it all. And its so fuckingdepressing.

I have this theory that Millennials love what they cant have and are so obsessed with nostalgia that they have this issue with repeating mistakes. Think about it; how many of your friends have gone back to men who were bad for them simply because they were A.) afraid of being alone, or B.) missed what they used to have?

Its hard not to miss what you used to have. I get it. I watched Hey Arnold!tonight and desperately longed for the early 2000s whenmy dad would chase me and my brother around the house every night screaming, Rocket Power! 459! before Rocket Powercame on.

To this day I have no idea where the 459 came from, but I fucking miss it!

Love isnt the same as Rocket Powerthough. At least not like, literally. I did really fucking love Rocket Power. But anyway, its the past were all longing to live in. Or at least thats what Ive noticed. And in the case ofHey Arnold!,I totally get it. I miss those classic shows too.

But old romances arent classics. All they are isold.

The ingredients of an old romance:

1 HUGE mistake (typically)
2 people (I hope)
3+ months of heartbreak
4 years of resentment
5 years of longing for something that couldve been

Look at the ingredients there. Heartbreak. Resentment. Longing. Mistake. NONE OF THESE WORDS ARE APPEALING, PEOPLE. I do not want a love pie made of this shit. And thats all you get when you go back to whats old because youre scared of whats new.

Love is this weird-ass phenomenon that nobody reallygetsuntil you can say, Been there, done that. And its never happening again. But like, come on fellow Millennials, were the new romantics. And Im not entirely convinced anymore that that means we have to be jaded. Its not romantic to be jaded, its just plain sad.

So the next time you go on a Tinder date, or question if a guy actually likes you or just wants to get in your pants (chances are, its usually both), just be positive.

One of my best friends/soul sistahs gave me this advice, and while its relatively annoying/impossible, she was right. The only way we survive in todays dating world is to be positive and believe that the big love or whatever youd like to call it is out there.

I may be jaded, but Im not jaded enough to call it quits yet. And neither should you.

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