Anne Hathaway Says She Was Body-Shamed At The Gym For Her Baby Weight

Who do Hollywood trainers think they are talking to Anne Hathaway like that??

Let’s just get this out of the way early: Anne Hathaway looks AMAZING for someone whojust had a baby. We should all be that blessed to look like Anne a mere eight weeks after shooting out a baby from herbody.

She looks like she just went on a four-year-long spa vacation. I’ve never looked as refreshed and empowering as Anne in that interview, and I’ve never even thought about having babies. Actually, I thought about it once and then laughed for 10 minutes in Newark Airport because the thought of me trying to get kids onto a plane silently and without shooting myself made me convulse with laughter.

The thought of a trainer implying Anne Hathaway needs to lose baby weight is insane, but that’s exactly what happened, as the Alice Through theLooking Glass star revealed during a recent sit down with Ellen DeGeneres.

Typical Hollywood trainers.

Everyone send some positive energy to Anne today. She’s had a rough one after getting in a weird unintentional fight with Kardashian fans earlier this morning.

Maybe take five, Anne?

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