14 Smoking Hot Pictures Of Jamie Dornan That Prove Hes Fifty Shades Of Sexy

I dont think theres anything bad to say about Jamie Dornan.

The Irish actor has proven his versatility in Hollywood, going from a burly huntsman in Once Upon A Time to a strangling-obsessed psychopath in The Fall before proving hes more at homewhens he sporting much less clothing in Fifty Shades.

Though Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam was actually thetopcontender up for the role of BDSM-loving Christian Grey, Dornan quickly stepped in following scheduling conflicts and subsequently caused the underwear of millions to drop around the world.

I mean, just look at him.

His foreign accent may be disguised as Grey, but where he lacks in the seductive voice department, he makes up for with a perfect stomach, a strong smolderandDAT PERKY ASS.

Hes all kinds of sexy. Fifty shades of sexy, to be exact.

In honor of Dornans 35th birthday, youll find 14 disgustingly beautiful images of the lad, clothed and otherwise, that justify my obsession.

Try to keep the drooling to a minimum.

I want to get lost in those eyes (and his mouth maybe his beard definitelyhis pants).

Im not salivating, youre salivating.

I am warm for that form.

Getty Images

Ive never had the desire tolick someones back before.

Do you think hed let me rub his head for some good luck?

You can slo-mo walk your way into my heart, Jamie.

Backwards hats, you are my weakness.

A man in a tailored suit also does a sufficient job getting me hot and bothered.

Getty Images

Jamie Dornan and I have finally have something in common: We are both super wet.

Nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen. Just a guy with an alarmingly massive bicep.

Its just so effortless. I dont get it.

He looks a bit chilly and Ive already brainstormedmultiple ways to keep him warm.

Just so, sopec-calent.

Just please be more perfect, I dare you.

Youre welcome for this treat, America.

And Jamie, never stop being you. Just maybe be a more nude.

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