This ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Is Coming To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7

Merlins beard, this is some excellent news!

I think we can all agree the standout performance in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was Jim Broadbents portrayal of the well-connected Potions Master, Professor Slughorn.

Well, did someone cast Avada Kedavra on me? Because the news Im about to tell you killed me (in the good way).

It is my pleasure to tell you Jim from Harry Potter will officially join the cast of Game of Thrones for their seventh season.

Yes, the GIF above is exactly how I feel about this new development. Just dont tell Cersei how to create Horcruxes, Jim.

Naturally, not much is known about the role Jim will play. All we know at this point is that its significant, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Significant is also how Id describe the amount of tears that well up whenever I watch Jim and Daniel Radcliffes scene in HBP when Harry discusses his mom with Slughorn in Hagrids hut.

Hopefully well get more of a chance to see Jim than we did with Ian McShanes all too brief appearance last season.

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