Top Costume Designer Reveals Secrets Behind Creating Harry Potter And James Bond Films

Your Dad, Granddad and maybe even Great-Granddad have probably looked at one of the James Bond posters from over the years and done a big manly swoon over his style.

From the vintage croon of Sean Connery, to the classic nineties handsomeness of Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig’s Bond of today, there is something about the suave nature of Ian Fleming’s most famous character that every fashion-conscious man can aspire to. Harry Potter… not so much, but the films ability to transport us to that special magical world is a whole different level of impressive.

As much as I’d love to believe that Daniel Craig strolled around Savile Row picking out the perfect piece, or Daniel Radcliffe was in Primark yelling at Emma Watson “Is this muggle enough?”, we all know that there was an incredibly talented costume designer hiding behind the outfits that brought the films to life. That lady is the award-winning Jany Temine, who we met up with to discuss just how one goes about making Bond look so good and Harry Potter so magical (even down to buying the casts underwear).

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First things first, it was clear that Jany definitely had a bit of a lady crush on Daniel Craig – I mean, who doesn’t – and it was obvious that landing the task moulding the actor to look like the world’s most famous spy was a dream come true. She was very clear that Bond isn’t actually a “fashionable figure”, as such, but more:

“An English gentleman, a spy and action hero and he has to look fantastic and well groomed.”

Luckily for Jany, who was in charge of dressing not just Bond, but also the entire cast of Spectre (she dressed 1500 people just for the opening Day of The Dead scene),“Daniel Craig is already like that… he is the most beautiful man in the world to dress.”

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I explained that one of the first things I picked up on in Spectre was just how tight, tight, tight the suit was. Was this a slip up in Jany’s tailoring skills? Of course it wasn’t:

“It was completely intentional to show off his muscles… his suit was close fitting because he has an amazing body and I like to show it off. It’s in the action of Bond’s character. I want to show that a man can be very active in a suit, it’s not just office wear. I designed a suit that you can run, jump, flirt, kill and fall in.”

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Although Harry does all of the above (perhaps not with the same finesse), I asked how different dressing the world’s most famous spy was from dressing the world’s most famous wizard?

“There’s not a lot of difference. The research and how you do it is exactly the same. You read the script and start creating the world of the script. Harry Potter is a fascinating world, and it had to be reachable to teenagers. We had to make the muggle clothes look as normal to a teenager as possible. Whereas in Bond, you need to respect for the iconic figure but updated for the 2016 audience.”

Aside from when he’s fighting the Dark Lord, Harry and the other cast don’t tend to get that dirty, making the main difference that “every single Bond costume has to have multiple outfits. Remember the white tuxedo from the movie?

“We had to have 30 different versions of the white tuxedo for different stunt men in different sizes, so it can get destroyed and dirty. Then we have to have a different Tuxedo for Daniel that corresponds to that part of the fight… one clean, one damaged, one broken.”

But most importantly, does she know who the next Bond will be?

“No. But I hope Daniel isn’t quitting, but if he is I look forward to the surprise. We all know whoever it is, it’ll be a surprise.”

Spectre is available on Digital HD on 19th February and on Blu-ray and DVD on February 22nd courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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