Rob Kardashian Wasn’t At Blac Chyna’s Birthday Party, Pics Prove She Doesn’t Care

Where in the world is Rob Kardashian? Not at Blac Chynas 29th birthday party, thats for sure.

Dream Kardashians mother and Robs baby mama threw herself a birthday party Wednesday night, and posted pictures of the party-goers on her Snapchat. Of course, as per usual, the world was all, Where is Rob?

It seems like we have been asking forever, ever since the Kardashian brother started disappearing from his celebrity familys series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That is, until he met Blac Chyna.

Cue drama, years of fights, a new series, a new baby and hundreds of bizarre social media posts.


Sure, in the real world Chynas posts would just be a picture of the birthday girl celebrating with her friends, but in Hollyweird its a loud, glaring, red sign that there is trouble in this on-again-off-again paradise.

This time last year, Rob and Chyna celebrated her birthday with cake, a trip to a Miami nightclub and an aggressive showering of flowers from Rob 28 bouquetsto be exact.

365 days later, the only sign of life weve seen from Rob was an Instagram post he used to promote his line of Arthur George socks, and thats kind of it.

However, the one thing the two can agree on is that their baby girl, Dream, is their main priority. A source previously told E! News,

They are co-parenting and independently working on themselves but theyre more cordial now than they have been, which is why they hung out recently.But by no means are they back together.

For now, E! also reports that Rob sees Dream weekly, and is always happy to see her.

I mean, duh.

Despite the birthday snub, we hope the family had a chance to come together to celebrate Chynas 29th, and will keep our eyes peeled for the next on-again chapter in this twisting romance story.

Happy Birthday, Chyna!

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