Couple Reveals Trick To Scoring Luxury Mexico Vacation For Under $1K

Once the summer months hit, who have thatinsatiable appetite for a little r&r on the beach with a pia colada on hand? Sun, sand and a little booze its the perfect combination for every millennials dream vacation.

However, the onething standing between most 20-somethings and paradise is the price tag. The whole pesky money thing is definitely the least exciting aspect of booking a vacation, but fear not, you adventurous Gen Yer.

If youve been bitten by the travel bug, there are budget-friendly ways to take that much-needed respite without draining your savings and one couple is living proof of that.

LeaSarkisov, a project coordinator at JLL, and her husband, Sergey, a doctoral student, managed totravel to Cancun for under $1,000, and this clever couple made it all happen with some unconventional methods.

Budgeting is our game as newlyweds, Sarkisov said. Weve been trying to figure out the balance between bills and satiating our wanderlust. Lets call this trip the Sarkisov Sojurn!

Rule #1: Beach vacations arent reserved for the summer.

Lea Sarkisov

We flew to Cancun when the beaches were pristine and empty, as was expected for the off season,’ Sarkisov said.

Octobermade the ideal time for the couples vacation because lets face it: Who wants a bunch of people hogging the beach when youve got some serious relaxing to do?

We prefer visiting beaches during those months because its at the end of hurricane season and its notcold, even though its October, she added. The sun is still bright and shining, and you avoid huge crowds (big plus). We were one of the only couples swimming in the turquoise sea endless photo ops.

Never underestimate the power of the off-season for your wallet Instagram game.

Rule #2: Go the all-inclusive route.

For $993, we stayed at the luxurious all-inclusive Grand Oasis Sens for five days. Shwing!Sarkisov joked.

The accommodations came with complementary bubbly and scenic balconies, making for a delightful, pampering experience.

However, when the two werent sitting poolside or enjoying the hotels restaurants and bars, they did make the decision tobook excursions (which they both agreed upon when budgeting).

Sergey & I spent roughly $200 extra on one outside excursion called XelHa, she said. Its an all-inclusive day oasis (round-trip transportation) with snorkeling, water activities, cycling, rafting, hammocks, manatees all-around greatness.

If youre feeling the manatee-cycling-snorkeling adventures,take a look at possible excursions before booking your all-inclusive stay and budget accordingly.

Rule #3: Your vacation doesnt need to be a week.

Lea Sarkisov

Sarkisov and her husband managed to pack in relaxing at the beach, different excursions and a walk to the El Rey Ruinsall within five days, proving not all vacations need to last a week to be fabulous.

In fact, the difference in a few nights could be what keeps your travels within your budget.

Rule #4:Keep your trip plans in the back of your mind each month.

Lea Sarkisov

The best way to figure out budget-friendly options is to start early. Sarkisov claims booking ahead is the perfect way to cut corners.

Likewise, Heather Cross, travel agent who runs Vacations By Heather, said,

Come up with a realistic amount that you can put toward your trip each month and that will help you set a budget for the trip. By booking your trip in advance, you have a longer window to save both for advance expenses, such as airfare and hotels, but also to set aside funds so you have enough to pay for shopping, food and entertainment.

Rule #5: Dont get suckered into the gimmicks.

As tempting as those magnets and notepads look, do you really need six of them from Cancun?

Conserve your cash for tips, Sarkisov warned. [And] dont buy anything at the airport ever.

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