Community Post: 47 Reasons Why A Trip To Jungle Jim’s Will Change Your Life

1. It’s impossible for salsa fanatics to pass up on the delicious choices available at the salsa bar!

2. You can give your friends a scare when you invite them over for dinner only to tell them you picked up lamb’s head from Jungle Jim’s

3. You can check out the menacing Jungle Jim’s dragon

4. You can relive your days of having a PEZ dispenser and even start up a new collection

5. Oh yeah, they have even more candy to choose from

6. You can find your favorite “throwback” candy

7. You can try a delicious candied apple from Sharon!

8. You can find an extra tasty treat for your furry friend at home

9. You can grab front row tickets to this comedy team

10. You’ll have no trouble checking out those melons

11. You’ve never seen this much honey in one place at the same time

12. You’ll find no shortage of strange and exotic drinks like..

14. Or maybe..

15. You will have to make a stop at one of the boutique shops

16. You can check out this cool view of the waterfall

17. You can catch a quick movie

18. You’ll have a tough time deciding which exotic spices you want to experiment with for dinner that night

19. You can take a trip to places like Holland..

20. Ireland…

21. France…

23. You’ll be amazed by their selection of giant fruit

24. You can check out the big portrait of Jim taking a ride on an elephant over in the Indian section

25. You can take a trip through Sherwood Forest

26. You can say hello to King Kong

27. You can join fellow tea lovers and take your pick from shelf after shelf of choices of teas in the Korean section

28. You get a chance to meet Okra Winfrey in real life

29. You can learn how to say “Welcome” in languages spoken around the world

30. You can help yourself to some cactus..

31. Or these melons from whatever planet that they came from

32. You can visit the boardwalk in the fish market

33. You can catch an oldies favorite from the Cereal Bowl Band

34. You can enjoy a little entertainment while shopping for soup

35. You can brave a taste of the hottest peppers in the world

36. If you have a gluten allergy, then worry no more as you”ll find the largest gluten-free selection in the entire Midwest

37. You can hear a song from the crows while you search for groceries for your pet

38. You can admire all 765 lbs. of the Big Cheese

39. You can say hello to these penguins when you’re shopping for your ice cream

40. You realize how much you love butter when you check out the Butter Bar

41. Do you like wine?

42. Because they have a lot of wine

43. Like, A LOT

44. You can stop by and listen to The King play a classic Elvis song while you munch on some candy

45. Or while you try something from the pickled foods section

46. But if you’re not feeling well from those pickled foods, you can always grab some medicine on the way out from the pharmacy

47. And every time you leave, you cannot wait until the next time you return to Jungle Jim’s

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