Community Post: 14 Times Skinny Perez Hilton Made You Uncomfortable

1. When he dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween.

2. And took this selfie, whilst pooping.

3. Then used the foam finger as toilet paper.

4. And gave it to his baby to play with afterwards.

5. Then continued to use it himself.

6. When he yelled at his own shirtless reflection.

7. When he took this mirror selfie in his underwear.

8. When he did yoga in his underwear.

9. When he decided to do a shirtless photo shoot with his baby.

Charles Fuoco / Via / Via

Because that’s totally normal.

10. And, yes, a bath was involved.

Charles Fuoco / Via / Via

11. When he made this face.

13. Can’t forget about this one.

14. And when he created this GIF, which is guaranteed to give you nightmares.

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