When Is Selena Gomez Dropping A New Album? Here’s Everything We Know

Selena, girl, where you at?

Selena Gomezrecently brought her latest hit into all of our lives and we are HUNGRY. FOR. MORE. The single dropped at midnight on Wednesday, May 17, and has been soaring on Spotify ever since.

Now, fans are left wondering, When is the next album? and, Is she writing music as we speak? and, Selena, do you use a deep conditioner? Asking for a friend.

The star had a series of annual album releases between 2013 and 2015 respectively, with , and coming out in rapid succession.

Now, its been roughly two years since her latest album dropped and she is about due.


Sure, could be the beginning to something beautiful, or maybe she is going to trickle out a slue of great singles like the temptress her new bob haircut suggests she is.

The other speculation is that came out to compliment her hit Netflix series, , and may be featured in the shows soundtrack.

Fans and viewers were also quick to draw thematic comparisons. For example, the Netflix series focuses itself around a teen deciding to end her life and in the music video, Selena is seen wearing a white ribbon and bandages around her wrists.

However, Teen Vogue reports that while Selena admits she does relate to the character Hannah the hospital tags shown in the video are due to a recent hospital visit for the singers Lupus disease, IRL.

All of this to say, she doesnt necessarily a TV show to make a new album, but we know one could and should be in the works.

In the meantime, fans can keep their eyes on her social media because like many other celebrities Selena tends to post teasers of her upcoming projects there.

We love you, girl. Call us.

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