Jason Sudeikis Reveals How He Got A Date With Olivia Wilde, So Take Notes

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are a gorgeous couple but, like how did how did that whole thing, like how did he with her do you know what I mean?

On Monday, the Saturday Night Live alum visited The Late Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he shared his secrets to wifing up one of Hollywoods most stunning, charming humans.

The host admitted,

One of you is SO attractive Youre a funny guy and youre a reasonably good-looking man. But shes a different species.

Jason agreed its a different thing, citing his wifes bone structure, skin, teeth, eye color literally just about everything.


The couple, who share son Otis and daughter Daisy, met when Oliviastopped by an afterparty for Jasonsshow.

He recalled,

I met her at a finale party for SNL. We hit it off that night I actually came off looking a lotcooler than I really am because I had heard through the grapevine, through mutual friends thatwerent exactly her best girlfriends that would report back, Oh you know, I think shes dating someone So I didnt make any sort of moves. I was just very, very busy with other things. And then next thing you know, when I stopped being busy, she stopped dating someone, and then it was off to the races.

Some very casual time apart as palsappears to have majorly helped these two soulmates find one another .


We sort of reintroduced ourselves The universe had more in store for us in the fall.

In an interview with Howard Stern last May, Olivia said Jason didnt text her for a month after getting her phone number and didnt kiss her until their fourth date.

If any of you can achieve the long game without dipping into dangerous negging territory, consider doing it the Jason Sudeikis way.

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