Can our nation’s marriages survive the release of Diablo III?!/_lizatalavera/status/202305611893968896

Apparently Diablo III is the Angelina Jolie of video games. The long-awaited Blizzard Entertainment game debuted today and lots of relationships are feeling the (hopefully temporary) effects:

In gamer news, Diablo III just came out. In real world news, a lot of girls are about to break up with their boyfriends.

— Leo Sypniewski (@LeoSypniewski) May 15, 2012

So Diablo III is out today. Which means I'm essentially single for the next week or so.

— Erica (@EMT_Erica) May 15, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday. Also, Diablo III is being released. My husband may be to preoccupied to buy me dinner.

— meegiemoo (@meganfluevog) May 15, 2012

Diablo III will be released tonight, which means starting at 12am I get to pretend I'm single for a couple weeks.

— septemily (@EmilysMindvomit) May 14, 2012

Diablo III Day. I've already lost my husband. I pray the internet is still producing content by lunch. This could be pretty catastrophic.

— Brandi (@brandius) May 15, 2012!/iannetopacio/status/202303839045554176

I'm not going to be seeing much of my husband since Diablo III is officially out now.

— Kelly (@kelbelcosmetics) May 15, 2012

It appears that I will become pseudo-single at 12:01am when Diablo III unlocks… Time to start planning my projects!

— Lindsay Diamond (@neurdy) May 15, 2012

get your fishing rods out, lotta single girls this summer with the release of Diablo III #heyheyheyyy

— Darren L (@darrennnLiu) May 15, 2012

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