Mindy Kaling Welcomed Her Baby Girl & Her Name Is Perfect

Congratulations to Mindy! Sources confirm that Mindy Kaling gave birth last week to her first child, a daughter, named Katherine Kaling, E! News reported. Katherine was born on Dec. 15, 2017. Both mother and daughter are doing fine.

Kaling, who produced and starred in , revealed last July that she was pregnant with her first child, calling it “an unexpected surprise.” It was revealed soon after that this new “Mindy Project” would become her main focus, as she ended her show’s run on Hulu just this past November, a few weeks ago.

She opened up about her hopes for her soon to be born child on not long after the announcement was made.

Despite discussing the upcoming birth, Kaling refused to divulge the father of her child. Some celebrity watchers assumed we would get a hint when the baby was born, and we’d find out the last name. But true to her feminist leanings, Kaling instead gave her daughter her own family’s last name, leaving fans guessing once more.

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Despite refusing to name the father, Kaling has been very open about the details. For instance, she, like her character, was not going to wait to be surprised by the baby’s gender, and not only found out as soon as she could, but told all her co-workers on … who then turned around and told the media during Paleyfest. Costar Beth Grant, who plays Beverly Janoszewski said:

Costar Ed Weeks revealed how ending with Kaling about to give birth was in fact the show coming full circle.

Kaling’s mother, the late Dr. Swati Chokalingam, was an OB/GYN, just like her character Mindy Lahiri was on the show. Her mother passed from pancreatic cancer in 2012, the same day Fox revealed they had picked up .

Kaling didn’t seem to mind, though she noted that her favorite person to reveal stuff about the baby to was her costar Oprah Winfrey.

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When (the show, not the baby) ended in November, Kaling told Deadline she was grateful for the slow and gentle way it went out.

was not nominated for a Golden Globe this year, but that’s probably for the best now, as Kaling had other, more pressing duties to attend to in January.

When it came time to end the show, Kaling had the series go out just the way she wanted it to. It looks like she’s also now starting her new beginning just the way she wants to as well.

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