Baby Wipes For Bro Butts Lead The Daily Links

Baby wipes for bro butts? BABY WIPES FOR BRO BUTTS. – [Betabeat]

Ever wonder what animals are thinking about? According to one researcher, we’re getting very close to being able to talk to them. – [The Atlantic Tech]

Photo by Jaren Jai Wicklund courtesy of Shutterstock

The stars of This Is The End seem to be having a really good time. A really, really, really good time. – [Rolling Stone]

Does your game need a college-level refresher course? Try out the top 10 Shakespearean pickup lines. – [Nerve]

Hilary Clinton sure does love making pantsuit jokes. No really, she does it all the time. – [Daily Intelligencer]

Is the cat fro the new cat beard? The cat-on-human fashion world is fickle, but this thing might have a chance. – [Catster]

You might not expect a 53-year-old white woman to be into Waka Flocka Flame. But going to one of his concerts changed this woman’s life forever. – [Uproxx]

A 12-year-old stand-up comic shouldn’t actually be this funny. But here we are. – [Death and Taxes]

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