3 Classic Jughead & Betty Costumes To Win Halloween With Your S.O.

As much as it sucks that summer is coming to an end and pumpkin spice everything is about to slowly creep up on us, there are two things to look forward to this October: 1) Halloween (duh), and 2)  Season 2. Obviously both are exciting, so why not combine them and come up with the perfect Jughead and Betty couples costume this year to celebrate! Of course, Jughead and Betty are two majorly dynamic characters, so there are a bunch of different ways you could go about making this couples costume unique and iconic. One thing is for sure, though: No matter what version of Bughead you go as, you’ll be a frontrunner in any costume contest you enter.

It’s been one heck of a year in pop culture, so there are tons of viable costume options like a character from or , one of the “old” Taylors, pregnant Beyoncé, or Wonder Woman, but a costume would be the best way to keep it simple and still be recognizable. And with so many fun options for creating the perfect Betty and Jughead look, you can’t go wrong. Here are just a few of the many looks you can take from to create a crowd-pleasing and memorable Bughead costume.

1. Classic Jughead and classic Betty

To start, you’ve got classic Jughead and classic Betty. Probably the simplest route to go if you’re looking for a quick costume. To be honest, this could be a look from earlier in the season before they were even a couple, so it’s perfect for friends, too. Not to mention there are tons of different ways to assemble their characters’ signature looks; this is only one suggestion.

What you’ll need for Jughead:

A beanie

A basic tee with “S” written on it

A dark flannel shirt

What you’ll need for Betty:

White collared shirt

Gray sweater

A brown suede skirt

Suede ankle booties

You could even take it one step further and throw on a pink trench coat for the night. (For a super simple look this could be the entire costume.)

The CW/Netflix

Betty’s pink trench coat

Another simple, yet viable option for Betty would be to put her in her Vixens tryout gear.

What you’ll need for Vixen Betty:

A yellow baseball tee

A pair of black running shorts with white stripes

Sneakers (any kind will work)

2. Homecoming Jughead and Betty

Next up there is Homecoming Jughead and Betty. Of course, this option is a bit more formal than the classic looks above, but it’ll definitely earn you points for attention to detail and creativity.

The CW/Netflix

What you’ll need for Jughead:

A beanie (because God forbid he ever takes it off…)

A dark blue, turn-down collar shirt

A black blazer

A dark tie

Black pants

What you’ll need for Betty:

A silver shawl

A silver formal dress

Silver heels

Unless you want to spend a fortune, it might be hard to find Betty’s exact dress. That’s OK, though, any silver dress that resembles Betty’s look will be just fine.

3. Dark Betty and Serpent Jughead.

And, finally, there is my personal favorite version of Jughead and Betty (and arguably the most iconic versions of them from Season 1): Dark Betty and Serpent Jughead.

What you’ll need for Jughead:

A gray sweater

A leather jacket

Southside serpent decal

And (GASP) no beanie necessary for this one…

For an easier, cheaper version of Jughead’s Southside Serpent look, use a Southside Serpents tee with a pair of dark jeans and Converse sneakers.

Southside Serpents tee

What you’ll need for Betty:

A short, black bob wig

Red lipstick

A lace bra

A black skirt

Black heels

A black choker necklace

There you have it, folks. The easiest, most efficient ways to pull off the best Bughead couples costume this Halloween. Here’s to hoping you have a fun, safe Halloween and don’t end up on the Southside of town.

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