James Corden Tries To Work Out With Teyana Taylor In Hilarious ‘Fade’ Parody

James Corden is back at it again, and this time, he roasted Kanye Wests new video for Fade.

The Life of Pablo rapper dropped the video (along with a super awkward speech) at the VMAs this past Sunday.

Most of us were dazzled by Teyana Taylors insanely fit body and a little bit confused about why there were sheep in the video, but Corden was just plain distracted.

He showed us why in a video spoof of Fade where he was working out in Kanyes gym while Teyana Taylor danced around the equipment.

Um, have you ever tried to get a workout in while some chick in her underwear is getting oil EVERYWHERE and taking up the entire space for a dance routine? For The Late Late Show host, it proved to be extremely difficult.

Its really hard to ignore Teyanna, too especially because she looks better than most of us will ever look and recently had a baby. Yup.

I dont think much working out actually gets done at Kanyes gym.

I really hope James Corden finds a better gym.

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