16 Pictures Of Beyoncé Where She’s Not Sinking In Quicksand

Robin Harper/Parkwood Entertainment

Bey’s the queen. Always powerful, always ferocious, and never sinking in quicksand. As if you needed proof, here are 16 pics to remind you why everyone loves Beyoncé.

1. No quicksand here. Bey is straight-up owning it.

2. Doing it like only Beyoncé can: Quicksand nowhere to be found and we can’t look away.

3. Any quicksand in this fierce photo? Nope, just Beyoncé, her flawless moves, and a whole lot of attitude.

Credit: Rob Hoffman

4. Looking around like, “Quicksand? What quicksand?”

Robin Harper/Parkwood Entertainment

5. Pop Goddess? Check. Solid ground supporting her weight? CHECK.

6. Lighting it up at halftime of Super Bowl XLVII, safe in New Orleans’ Superdome, miles away from any quicksand.

7. There she is, Bey fans. This woman does what she wants, and it does NOT involve quicksand.

Tumblr via orangieporangiepuddingpie

8. Queen B knows where to walk!

9. Ellen’s not falling in quicksand either!

Via LATimes


Tumblr via beyoncefashionstyle

11. Be-yon-cé! Those toned thighs! Wouldn’t help her in a quicksand emergency, of course. All that motion would just accelerate the sinking. Good thing it’s a moot point here!

Via weheartit.com

12. Stay well away from that quicksand, girl!

Tumblr via beyoncefashionstyle

13. Could someone sliding into liquefied soil look this sassy? Not likely.

14. When she jumps it’s perfect and could not be more obvious that this is one woman who is OUT of the grips of quicksand.

Via GQ

15. Good luck finding quicksand in this pic of Beyoncé. Ferocious!

16. Go Bey!

Tumblr via castilloraquel

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