Even The Season Premiere Of ‘South Park’ Played Kirk Cousins Over RG III


“South Park” made fun of the NFL in a way only “South Park” can, by showing how ridiculous the league’s controversies are through responsive and cartoonish parody.

During the 18th season premiere, “South Park” made the Washington Redskins, Ray Rice, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, the butt of all its jokes. But there was one notable exclusion, which was a joke in itself.

Robert Griffin III was featured in the season premiere promo.

In light of Redskins quarterback’s injury, the impressive play of his replacement Kirk Cousins and the ensuing argument of whether or not Cousins should start when RG3 returns, “South Park” benched the starter for his backup.

Here’s the initial commercial, with RG III:

And a screenshot from the actual season premiere:


The rest of the show’s punchlines left viewers with a highlight reel of hilarious moments at the league’s expense.

There was the failure of robotic Goodell:

Jerry Jones continuing his — uh — affairs:

And eery elevator footage:

In the end, “South Park” did what it does best. It made fun of contemporary issues with stunning speed and in the process, made a tough decision for the Washington Redskins.

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