Real World Roundup: Banging With Friends

Three guys in college released a new Facebook app called Bang With Friends that allows you to meet up with your Facebook friends…and bang. They probably should have called it Fucking With Friends but that's ok, because we're not joining it anyway. Apparently 20,000 people already signed up but I imagine they're all dudes, virgins, and whores. It's kind of like Grindr for straight people, Tinder without the fluffy convo, or Words with Friends with less Scrabble and more penetration. Read article>>

Kris Jenner is getting her own hour-long talk show called Kris where she will discuss a full range of topics covering pop culture, fashion, health, and how to exploit your children and grandchildren so you too can one day have your own talk show at 59. Read article>>

Bieber gropes some bitch's boobs and makes headlines everywhere. I mean, more ridiculous shit has made the news, such as Bieber getting a Native American tattoo and Kate Middleton shopping at the Gap, but this is definitely up there. There's a few things to be said about the fan herself: 1. She doesn't seem fazed by the cuppage which means she's probably used to it which means she's probably a slut 2.  Girl needs some anti-volume shampoo asap. Read article>>

Volkswagen is being accused of creating a racist commercial for the Super Bowl. The commercial itself is actually pretty funny, it's about a really chill white guy who walks around his office telling people to be happier in a Jamaican accent. But the humor in this lies in the fact that Volkswagen is defending themselves by saying that “they did their homework” because they tested the commercial with 100 Jamaicans. Can we take a second to imagine them rounding up 100 Jamaicans to watch it ” Do you think Carl in accounting knows any Jamaicans? Do they have internet in Jamaica? Read article>>

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