Lorde Does An Impression Of The ‘South Park’ Lorde Impression (Video)


On last week’s episode of “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone turned their attention to New Zealand’s Lorde, a 17-year-old singer who seems to be trapped in the body of one of the defendants in the Salem witch trials.

In the episode, it’s revealed that Lorde is actually Randy Marsh’s alter ego, and he’s able to turn his random bathroom thoughts into a full-blown hit thanks to the magic of production.

Later on, we see “Lorde” giving a live performance that is simply Randy saying “Ya ya ya, I’m Lorde, ya ya ya” over and over again.

Lorde was asked about her portrayal in a recent interview and, while sharing her answer, she did an impression of the “South Park” impression, giving the Internet enough meta material for a solid week.

Here is Lorde’s attempt at the song:

H/T: Pitchfork

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