The Story Behind Miley Cyrus’ Song “Miss You So Much” Is Really Emotional

Miley Cyrus’ new album, , may be filled with references about Liam Hemsworth, but there’s one song with an emotional backstory that doesn’t involve Hemsworth. Who is “Miss You So Much” about? Grab the tissues because this song is emotional.

Taking a look at some of the “Miss You So Much” lyrics, it may be easy to connect the dots and assume it’s all about her relationship with Hemsworth, but Cyrus recently explained that the song is about the death of someone in her life.

In “Miss You So Much,” Cyrus sings:

Cyrus explained the meaning of “Miss You So Much” during an interview with NPR, when she was asked what the hardest song from her album was to record. She explained: “I think ‘Miss You So Much.’ Because I actually wrote that for one of my really close friends whose boyfriend surprisingly OD’ed. I wrote that song about how … once someone’s gone, they’re not really gone; if you love them, they’re here.”


Cyrus also said the song could be applied to her relationship with her grandmother, noting that she was “hanging out with [my grandma] the day I was going to record that song. And it made me kind of think about her, the more I started singing it. I started thinking about, ‘How can I miss you already?’”

She added:

Hopefully no time in my near future, but there’s going to be probably a time in my life where I’m not gonna have her. And [she’s] been someone that I really, really lean on. She’s my biggest — she literally runs my fan club. I mean that literally; she writes back to all my fans — she does all my fan mail. So it made me think about how you can miss someone when they’re still here, but you start thinking about a time when they might not be.

Fans may recall “Miss You So Much” as a song Cyrus performed in the past, believed to have been called “Right Here,” so the tune already had plenty of love, with one fan on Twitter commenting: “So, ‘Miss You So Much’ ‘Right Here’ which Miley wrote and performed a few times back in 2015/2016! #YoungerNow.”

Others, like this fan, were so thrilled to see the track on her album, with one person writing: “Right here I’m so glad this song was put on the album.”

Another fan commented: “I think the miss you so much is her unreleased song from dead petz ‘right here.’”

Still another shared a video clip of Cyrus singing the emotional tune live, writing: “SOO this might be ‘miss you so much’??? iM GONNA CHOKE.”

While other tracks on Cyrus’ album may hint at Hemsworth, “Miss You So Much” is about an entirely different person/subject, so fans can definitely stop their investigation on the meaning. Case closed.

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