A Beloved ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Just Came Back & Our Hearts Are So Full

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2.

As draws ever nearer to the inevitable end, it’s been a reunion fest. Starting with Sansa and Jon’s feel good hug last season, it seems like everyone who has been away for years has found their way back onto the screen.

That doesn’t just go for major characters either. Even the smaller parts, like Jorah and Sam, are finding each other. And medium characters, like Beric Dondarrion, is back with his flaming sword, and he and Thoros of Myr are headed north with the Hound.

But what about the characters we forgot about? The ones who were only there for comic relief back in the early seasons? They’ll get their moments in the sun too.

This week’s return of a character we’d all but forgotten about happened when Arya, fresh off of accidentally running into future Westerosi pop star Ed Sheeran, decided to stop at an Inn for a bite.

Now, one would assume that Westeros was a place filled with roadside inns. But not on the King’s Road. Zoning laws for the first mile on either side of the road are mainly districted for straight residential units because the Mad King was really insane about keeping shopping districts out of the public eye.

There were once grand plans for mixed-use town square type complexes with moving picture houses, high priced condos, Pilatestudios, and other cheap-rent skinny retail options such as the ever-popular pop-up shop after Robert’s Rebellion. But in the end, due to budget constraints and the end of Summer putting the brakes on construction financing, the only place to stop in all of Westerosbetween the Twins and King’s Landing is, in fact, the Inn at the Crossroads, or as the business cards read, The Crossroads Inn.


And who is behind the kitchen doors of the restaurant named Best Place To Stop For Baked Goods by the alternative weekly paper The Riverlands Voice? You better believe it’s the man who doesn’t believe in pie without gravy himself: Hot Pie! (Love that he calls her Arry still. Good boy!)

And Hot Pie tells her to go home. Not directly, but he does. Hot Pie, one of the most decent characters in the whole series. Friends don’t pay indeed. Raise a toast to Hot Pie, make sure he’s on your Best Bakes List for 2017, and let’s hope he survives the winter.

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