Emma Stone Says Ryan Gosling Is Actually ‘Bloodthirsty’ In Real Life

Oh yeah, wait, Emma Stone is really charming.

Shes Anne and shes Gilda and shes palatably awkward in the degree we all think were achieving when we tell a long, ramble-y joke to a group of acquaintances that just ends up causing everyone to make that yeesh face.

Its a tightrope of quirkiness manyof us give up on walking most days, but Emmas answers to questions like, If you could live in any era, what would it be? somehow make this installmentof Vogues sometimes stilted 73 Questions series super winsome.

FYI: The 27-year-old claimed she always thought shed like to live in the 20s, until she realized its kinda easy to idealize times and forget about typhoid.


Sure, she plays the recorder and puts a raincoat on her dog

But she also playfully drags Ryan Goslings reputation through the mud, and that deserves some credit.

When asked what her La La Land co-star is really like, in person, Emma tells viewers,

Bloodthirsty and vengeful.

Yeah. That seems like a well-founded assessment, tbtfh.

The pairs upcoming Damien Chazelle film is a musical comedy-drama in which Emma and Ryan play an aspiring actress and a jazzpianist who fall in love in Los Angeles. The film has already received some great buzz, despite Ryans off-screen murder sprees, or whatever.

During a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, real, live angel from heavenJohn Legend, who appears alongside Emma and Ryanin the movie, shared,

The film is getting Oscar buzz, yes It was fun. We had a great time. I wrote a song for it. My company executive produced it as well, so we had a lot of fun making that.

Ooh, theres about to be SO much singing, people. Oscar-worthy singing.

Rounding out her 73 Questions segment with a littlemusic, Emma nails a Britney Spears impression (Hit Me Baby One More Time, not Oops! I Did It Again, obviously).

She alsogenerously admits shes cried in front of Tom Hanks. You know, rather than to footage of Tom Hanks, like the rest of the world.

Oh, Emma. Never change. Never surrender. Never stopverbally bashing sweet Ryan Gosling for shits n giggs.

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