Here’s Why It’s My Choice To Be A 27-Year-Old Virgin

Im a 27-year-old virgin.

That used to be so difficult for me to admit, but lately, Ive felt freer to be who I am.

Now, Im completely comfortable admitting it.

Yes, I know its not the norm in society todayto be my ageand inexperienced, but despitepeople tellingme is having sex nowadays, I know Im not alone.

I grew up kind of distancing myself from being sexual. I valued being pure, but it wasnt even really a religious thing at all.

This iswhy its completely my choice to be a virgin at 27.

Sex is a grown-up thing.

I had a slight complex, and I guess I still have it.

When I was younger, sex was the ultimate grown-up thing to do. I viewed it as having the potential to change me.

Onthe dance team in high school, whenever I was asked to do a sexual move, like a body roll or pelvic thrust, I would instead do the most PG-rated version of those dance moves.

I wanted to be innocent. The longer I stayed pure and non-sexual, the longer I remained a kid.

Im more a friend than a lover.

Toa Heftiba/Unsplash

This reasonhad more to do with circumstance.

I never really dated in high school, or in college. I believe it probably also has something to do with my complex, because dating was in the realm of growing up. Thats not to say I wouldnt havedated someone, had the opportunity come along.

It just never did.

I probably put out too much of a neutral vibe. So, I was never seen as anything more than just a friend which Im 100 percent OK with.

I want major life events to be special.


I dont want to sleep with someone to get it over with, or have sex with someone Im just casually seeing.

When I have sex for the first time, I want to be in a committed relationship.Its just how I roll; that person has to be very importantto me.

I dont want to half-ass any major events in my life.Everything has to have some significance, or be incredibly special.

I know the first time will probably be bad, so I want to pick the right person.

Im almost 100 percent sure I will be kind of terrible and awkward my first time. I think most people are ?

I believe its better to be not-so-good with someone who cares and understands, than with someone I barely know.

Everyone else has probably had some experience in bed, so they know how to do it right for them. I have absolutely no experience whatsoever, which is why I need a patient partner who totally gets it.

Ive waited this long, and Im willing to keep waiting for that right someoneto walk into my life.

Heck, maybe Ill be a virgin my entire life, and Im OK with that. It makes me a unicorn someone rare and unique.

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