What Genre Would The Movie Version Of Your Life Be?

Because you definitely deserve to be on the big screen!

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    1. Valerie Macon ✓ Mindy Kaling
    2. Jason Merritt ✓ Emma Stone
    3. Jason Merritt ✓ Tina Fey
    1. Jason Merritt ✓ Emma Watson
    2. Jason Merritt ✓ Meryl Streep
    3. Larry Bucacca ✓ Penelope Cruz
    1. Ian Gavan ✓ Sandra Bullock
    2. Samir Hussein ✓ Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Ian Gavan ✓ Kerry Washington
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    1. Pascal Le Segretain ✓ Shakira
    2. Angela Weiss ✓ Lorde
    3. Gareth Cattermole ✓ Lady Gaga
    1. Jason Merritt ✓ Robyn
    2. Koki Nagahama ✓ Rihanna
    3. Gareth Cattermole ✓ Adele
    1. Buda Mendes ✓ Beyoncé
    2. Dimitrios Kambouris ✓ Katy Perry
    3. ✓ Taylor Swift
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    1. Christopher Polk ✓ Idris Elba
    2. Pascal Le Segretain ✓ Sofia Vergara
    3. Gabriel Olsen ✓ Michael Fassbender
    1. Stuart C. Wilson ✓ Benedict Cumberbatch
    2. Kevin Winter ✓ Halle Berry
    3. Fraser Harrison ✓ Helen Mirren
    1. Handout ✓ Christian Bale
    2. Jason Merritt ✓ George Clooney
    3. Michelly Rall ✓ Oprah
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What Genre Would The Movie Version Of Your Life Be?

  1. You got: Romantic Comedy

    You’re sassy, energetic, and outgoing. Your love life is always an adventure, which would make for a perfect romantic comedy. You’ll bring the laughs AND you’ll get the guy (or girl) in the end!

    Universal Pictures / Via survivingcollege.com

  2. You got: Superhero Movie

    You’re strong, amazing, and downright super. Your personality is your greatest superpower, and there is only one way to do your life justice on the big screen. So put on your cape and costume, and get ready to fight some crime!

    Walt Disney / Via fuckyeahblackwidow.tumblr.com

  3. You got: Disney Movie

    You’re charming, cheery, and a downright joy to be around. If it were possible, your life would be a musical, so only a Disney movie will do! Now warm up those vocal chords, you have a lot of singing to do.

    Walt Disney / Via lab-rats.wikia.com

  4. You got: Fantasy Epic

    Your life can only be described as FANTASTIC. It can’t be just any ordinary movie, because with your personality, you need magic and enchantment. Hop on your broomstick and grab your magic wand, and be sure to watch out for dragons!

    Warner Bros. / Via zsorzset.deviantart.com

  5. You got: Horror Movie

    You’re SCARY awesome and a true survivor, so only a horror movie could do your life justice. Yeah, there might be a few screams along the way — and prepare for some blood — but you’ll be able to handle it. But remember… TRUST NO ONE!

    Screen Gems / Via torie-rph.tumblr.com

  6. You got: Costume Drama

    You are decadent, classy, and appreciate the finer things in life. Good food, fine clothing, fancy parties — that’s what you’re all about. Rewind the clock a bit, and put on an amazing outfit, because your life is made for a costume drama!

    Walt Disney / Via zombiejig.tumblr.com

  7. You got: Sci-Fi

    You are out-of-this-world awesome, and planet Earth can’t contain your coolness. You need a sci-fi flick to portray how truly awesome and cool under pressure you are. Grab a lightsaber or laser pistol, and get ready to board your spaceship!

    Lionsgate / Via teen.com

  8. You got: Indie Drama

    You’re passionate, driven, and, most of all, one-of-a-kind. You march to the beat of your own drum, and your life will make for a raw and real movie. Just be prepared to win a few awards — including an Oscar — along the way!

    Sony Pictures Classics / Via krecia.soup.io

  9. You got: Musical

    You’re creative, talented, and wear your emotions on your sleeve. Only a musical could portray the cheerfulness of your life. There are going to be a few dance numbers along the way, but with your talent, it’s nothing you can’t handle!

    Columbia Pictures / Via crushable.com


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