Community Post: 15 Things You Missed At Jay-Z’s “Made In America Festival”

15. Ron Howard is directing the festival’s documentary.

In Jay’s next major marketing venture, the rapper reached out to Howard to create an extremely dramatic representation of the festival.

14. Amber Rose taking selfies with everyone backstage.

Amber was walking around backstage, taking selfies with the media before Wiz performed.

13. Wiz Khalifa performing songs from “Kush & OJ.”

Via Justin Carissimo

12. Ohio artists opened and closed the festival.

Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon & Cleveland’s Nine Inch Nails kicked off & ended the Labor Day festivities. Oh, shout out to all the MuscleFarm products Trent Reznor uses.

11. My intern taking selfies instead of shooting Nine Inch Nails.

Via Jeffery Phillips

What’s wrong with interns? Everything.

10. Groupies

9. Nine Inch Nail’s new lightshow inspired by The Talking Heads

8. Queens of the Stone Age criticizing Jay Z & slamming his champaign bottle.

“You shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.”

7. Phoenix stage diving.

6. Every white girl in Philly dancing to Calvin Harris.

… so when’s Calvin Harris performing again?

5. A$AP Rocky allegedly slapped a fan in the face.

Via Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

After “scheduling conflicts,” A$AP performed for 15 minutes and allegedly slapped a fan. Despite pressing charges, the fan allegedly liked it.

4. Beyonce looking hotter than all hell.

3. Public Enemy donated $10k to the Philadelphia School system.

Via Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The Philadelphia school crisis has been building up for the past few years. Chuck D pledged a $10,000 donation to Philadelphia public schools. Chuck also encouraged Jay Z and Beyonce to match his donations.

2. Philly school teachers supporting Chuck D & Flava Flav.

1. Jay Z’s donation to Philly schools.

Jay and Bey have yet to respond to Chuck D’s proposal.

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