Photographer Cleverly Merges Book Covers With Their Readers (Photos)

Corpus LibrisCorpus Libris

Corpus Libris

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in a good book we forget the story isn’t part of the real world.

While you may have seen movie posters merged with the real world, one blogger named Emily Pullen has set out to blur the lines between books covers and their readers.

One evening, Pullen captured a series of humans perfectly posing with their favorite reads for her blog, Corpus Libris. The careful placement of each pose matches up with the cover’s character to create a variety of images that are pretty hilarious.

Although she started this series at a Skylight Books store in LA, she has taken her project over to the East Coast and can now be found snapping her surreal book cover photos at WORD in Brooklyn.

Take a look at the images below to see Pullen’s hilarious book cover photos.

I reckon she wore that shirt just for the occasion.


Reading glasses and tea always make a perfect match.


This guy’s screen printing technique is spot on.


Who needs weights when you can just lift wine glasses.


Nothing shows how much you love reading like having “B-O-O-K” tatted on your knuckles.


A bald head looks pretty badass with all of those tattoos.


Putting a feminist Ryan Gosling in front of baby onesies makes him even more irresistibly deep and sensitive.


A half skeleton man sitting in a bookstore is definitely an odd idea.


If you’re wondering what it would look like to get punched in the face by a fictional character, now you know.


And thanks to this cover, you also know how it would look to have blood-sucking vampire fangs.


This book cover really blurs the lines of reality.


And this cover combines reading with your favorite plaid pattern of the season.


Good thing he was wearing two shirts today.


This cover miraculously matches with its surroundings.


Mission accomplished.


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