7 Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix You Need To Watch ASAP

May ison its way out, but Netflix is bringing in a slew of new movies and TV shows to help you ring in the summer this June.

The streaming service just revealed all the new stuff thats going to be available to watch in just a couple of days, so its time to start getting pumped and planning your upcoming binge sessions.

Along with new seasons of Netflix faves like and, the streaming service is adding a bunch of new shows and movies youre definitely going to want to check out this month.

Lets go over some of the big highlights so you can get ready to binge-watch after spending the day on the beach.


Arrival date: June 20

Who doesnt love a good Disney musical? Andhonestly, is one of the best musicals Disney has ever put out.

The Oscar-nominated story about a young woman who longs for adventure on the open seas is a hit with children and adults alike, and its filled with catchy, inventive songs crafted by the man behind Lin-Manuel Miranda.

2.:Season 5

Arrival date: June 9

One of Netflixs longest-running original series, and one of its most binge-able, is back for its fifth season, and it looks like its going to be one of the most intense ones yet.

The previous season of ended with the death of a main character and a prisoner holding a gun to the head of a guard. The trailer for the new season shows a total shift in power at Litchfield with the prisoners gaining even more control.


Arrival date: June 13

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were already hugely beloved in the comedy community for years, but this year really shot them to the top when they brought their lovably curmudgeonly characters ofGil Faizon and George St. Geegland to Broadway. Now, anyone who wasnt able to secure a ticket on Broadway can see the hilarious show themselves on Netflix!


Arrival date: June 23

Meet your new Netflix obsession: an 80s wrestling dramedy called.

The new series comes from Jenji Kohan of and fame, and will center on Alison Brie as Ruth Wilder, a struggling actress who finds the role of a lifetime as a part of the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. You might also recognize Marc Maron, singer Kate Nash, ands Betty Gilpin.

5. Trolls

Arrival date: June 7

If wasnt enough to satisfy your animated musical-loving heart, Netflix has you covered withthe Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick-starring Dreamworks comedy that brought you the song thats been stuck in your head for the last year: Cant Stop the Feeling!

6. Okja

Arrival date: June 28

One of the stranger, but most promising looking new movies coming to Netflix this month is, the story of a young girl who befriends a giant beast that a powerful food company wants to capture.

It comes from the team behind 2013s breakout thriller, and has an all-star cast including Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano, so its something that youre definitely going to want to check out.

7. Scandal: Season 6

Arrival date: June 17

With the announcement that next season of will be its last, theres no better time than now to get caught up on all the drama than now. Kerry Washingtons political drama just wrapped its wild sixth season a couple weeks ago, and now its all going to be on Netflix. Be sure you get caught up before the final season starts in September!

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