Words Can’t Describe What This Puppy’s Previous Owners Did. THEY Are The Animals Here.

An abandoned Pitbull puppy was recently found on the brink of death in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania. But what makes this case especially vile is that he was found with blood gushing from his ears. Someone had cut them off.

If he would’ve been found even hours later, he would be dead.

Dr. Kelly Slattery cuddles with the puppy that they appropriately named “Van Gogh.” She made him feel more comfortable at the animal hospital.

The poor puppy had his ears cut off. Vets said this was because his owners were grooming him to be a fight dog later, and removing their ears is common practice among these abusive, cruel owners. Slattery said they were “literally chopped his ears off close to the base of his skull with scissors or a knife,”

Despite going through hell, Van Gogh is expected to be okay and will surely have a much better life now than he would’ve been destined to have under his previous owners.

We think he’s still absolutely adorable, ears or no ears. He’s expected to be adopted soon by a loving family.

Cases like this, especially among Pitbulls, have become more and more common. The villains that use these poor creatures to fight for their selfish entertainment should be stopped and punished.

Dr. Slattery said people can make donations to help Van Gogh and other animals like him through the Florida-based Veterinary Care Foundation. For more information about the foundation, visit www.vetcarefoundation.org.


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