4 Reasons You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Red Wine

Ive always been a fan of red wine. Any malbec, pinot noir or red blend has a fast pass to the top of my choice drink list. Its the perfect birthday gift, hostess gift and downright anything gift that I could give or receive.

Im not a wine connoisseur as much as I want to be (Im working on it), but Ive noticed some striking differences between my friends and myself: There are those who drink red wines and those who drink white wines. Red wine is often viewed as the Marilyn to a Jackie, or the devil to an angel.

White wines are clear, obvious and simple. Reds on the other hand, are mysterious, from the color to the taste. Yes, its red,but it could be anyshade ofred. Reds are an acquired taste they could be a berry blend or a concoction with hints of chocolate. All in all, reds are an absolute mystery.

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I once visited a restaurant and ordered a glass of malbec. The waitress stared at me Thats a big, bold wine, she replied, A BIG, BOLD wine.

This struck a nerve with me. I prefer red wine and bourbon-based cocktails; I despise tequila and don leather pants like theyre going out of style.

Im a 5-foot tall brunette who is only seen in high heels so few actually know how short I am. Friends joke that my middle name is feisty and with reason, I know what I want. And when it comes to wines, I refuse to drink the white wine known to me as sugar water.

My girlfriends may prefer white wine (or at the very worst, moscato) because according to them its easier to drink. They tell me its fun and flirty and goes with all food at any occasion. Nah, you just cant acquire the taste.

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