Which TV/Movie High School Would You Attend?

Be true to your (dream) school.

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Which TV/Movie High School Would You Attend?

  1. You got: Shermer High School

    You’ve been plucked straight out of The Breakfast Club, and it’s pretty clear that you would’ve attended Shermer High School if you lived in fictional movie-land. You’re an optimist disguised as a pessimist. You’ve had some rough experiences, but you have a decent sense of humor about it, which makes it easy to talk to you. You’re against any stereotypes that box you in, and even though you can be a little cagey, you would secretly love nothing more than to rage-dance and talk about your feelings.

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  2. You got: Rydell High

    If you attended any fictional high school, it would be Grease’s Rydell High. For you, friendships and relationships are the most important part of life, so you’re quite the social butterfly. Sometimes you have your head in the clouds with a slightly overactive imagination, but that’s part of what makes you so fun to be around. You also maaaay have a thing for bursting into song. But that’s OK, because you can out-dance us any day.

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  3. You got: Westerburg High School

    Westerburg High School from Heathers would have totally been your alma mater in an alternate movie-universe. You approach life with a certain amount of cynicism and satirical humor. You have a confidence that others envy, even though you’re secretly a bit unsure of yourself. Your best quality is absolutely your wit, although you have a bit of a vindictive streak. But, you would totally save the school from absolute fiery destruction, so everyone forgives you.

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  4. You got: Rushmore Academy

    No doubt about it, you belong at Rushmore Academy from Rushmore. You are a bit of a lone wolf, but you have a certain novelty and effervescent coolness that draws people toward you. You don’t have to be told that you’re the visionary in the room – you’re well aware of it. You pour your heart and intellect into every project you undertake, which can cause you to be a be a bit short-sighted in your personal relationships. But, after all, you saved Latin – what did WE ever do?

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  5. You got: Dillon High School

    Dillon High School, from Friday Night Lights would have totally been your high school. You have a certain quiet dignity about you, yet you can also party with the best of them. You are loyal and value your family (or family figures) more than anything. You can be a little bit stubborn on some issues, but’s that’s the kind of tenacity that takes you to the top. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

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  6. You got: Padua High School

    You belong at Padua High School from 10 Things I Hate About You. You’re not one to sit back and watch your life go by – you take an active role. You’re passionate about current events and social issues, and you don’t let anyone condescend to you. You can be quick to jump to conclusions about others, but you also know when to admit that you’re wrong. You also have a soft spot for Shakespeare – but don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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  7. You got: Sunnydale High School

    You would absolutely have attended Sunnydale High School from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You’re a strong, self-sufficient individual who is constantly fighting the battle of Good and Evil. You’re great at tackling almost any challenge that comes your way, although personal relationships can still be a bit sticky. You may be an unlikely hero, but that’s what makes you so likable.

    The WB

  8. You got: North Shore High School

    Your fictional alma mater would have totally been North Shore High School from Mean Girls. You have unquestionable leadership skills, as well as a flair for the dramatic, so people tend to seek you out for your opinions. You hold yourself, and others, to very high standards. One thing’s for sure – hanging out with you is NEVER dull. And you always find a way to get what you want. You go, Glen Coco.

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  9. You got: Bronson Alcott High School

    You would have attended Bronson Alcott High School, from Clueless. You belong in a place where your charm and zest for life are appreciated and admired by those around you, even if they don’t always understand where you’re coming from. You have incredible style, and you genuinely enjoy helping others. You’re intelligent, but you would NEVER lord it over others — as IF!

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