Trio Of Guys In Heels Crushes Dance Routine To Ariana Grande’s ‘Break Free’ (Video)

I firmly believe heels were created by the darkest force of evil existing on this planet.

Most women will suffer the pain and wear them because, yes, heels make you look damn good, and I consider that impressive, if not a little masochistic.

Unfortunately, we’re expected to wear heels in certain situations. It’s the formal footwear of choice; flats simply don’t suffice.

Fortunately for men, they don’t have to suffer the evils of the stick-thin stiletto heel. But, some choose to. And some work them better than any woman ever could.

Yanis Marshall and Co. are those guys.

Watch Marshall, Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine dance their asses off to Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” in classic, stiletto heels.

The French dancers absolutely nail their routine.

This isn’t the first time the trio has blown us away with their impressive footwork. They performed a dance to a Beyoncé compilation on “Britain’s Got Talent” earlier this year, again in heels, and stunned us with their fierce moves.

Mind = blown.

H/T: Ryan Seacrest

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