Rebel Wilson Just Slammed The Wrong Woman For Harassing Her Grandma

Understandably annoyed by a journalist “harassing” her grandmother, Rebel Wilson took to Twitter earlier this weekend, to name and shame the guilty party.

In a tweet that has since been taken down (reportedly by Twitter), she posted a picture of Elizabeth Wilson, branding her as “total scum”.

Unfortunately, she had the wrong Elizabeth Wilson and, despite being flooded by people telling her this, she was slow to rectify her mistake, and instead became defensive.

People weren’t thrilled with her failure to apologise for her mistake…

The Elizabeth Wilson pictured was reportedly “gobsmacked” by the abuse she received after Rebel sent the tweet, and – understandably – very confused.

Well, last night Rebel seemingly realised she had shamed the wrong woman, and posted a picture of the correct Elizabeth Wilson, along with an apology:

We’re glad that Rebel apologised to the first, innocent Elizabeth (in the end), and we understand her anger towards the journalist who harassed her grandmother, but is tweeting a photograph – essentially throwing her to the mob – the best way to deal with it?

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