Which Oscar Acceptance Speech Giver Are You?

“You like me! You really like me!”

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Which Oscar Acceptance Speech Giver Are You?

  1. You got: Anna Paquin

    You are so totally stunned by your achievement and overwhelmed when attention is on you that you almost black out, but you keep it together enough to thank a couple key people in your life who are most deserving. You probably won’t fully appreciate this moment until years later, but thankfully, this was only just the beginning for you. Also, nice beret.

    AMPAS / Via youtube.com

  2. You got: Cuba Gooding Jr.

    When you get your time in the spotlight, you certainly seize the moment. You know a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when it happens and you relish it, thanking everyone you know who helped you get to this point. And nothing, not even that orchestral music, is going to get in your way of telling the whole world how much you love them. All of them.

    AMPAS / Via ew.com

  3. You got: Halle Berry

    You are a ball of emotion, and really, who could blame you? Let those tears fall because this is your moment. You’re going to find yourself saying, “Oh my god” a whole lot before you get any words out, but when you do, you make them count. You realize this honor is bigger than you and you take that responsibility seriously.

    AMPAS / Via oscars.org

  4. You got: Sally Field

    You’ve gotten a lot of honors in your day, but that makes you a seasoned pro at winning gracefully. You keep it together and are sure to thank all the important people in your life, but you also recognize the narcissism of the moment. And only you could say something like, “You like me,” and remain charming in the process, you adorable egotist, you.

    AMPAS / Via youtube.com

  5. You got: Adrien Brody

    You know moments like this don’t come around too often so you certainly make the most of it: kissing whomever you want, cracking jokes, and making a political statement in under five minutes. You don’t come prepared (out of superstition), and so you speak from the heart, which allows for a very moving speech.

    AMPAS / Via youtube.com

  6. You got: Roberto Benigni

    You are adorably nerdy and also a bit of a wild thing. You climb on chairs, hop up the stairs, and your metaphors don’t make much sense, but you could not be cuter and your excitement is contagious. Your speech proves that life is indeed a beautiful thing and it’s something you celebrate.

    AMPAS / Via youtube.com

  7. You got: Jennifer Lawrence

    So, you’re a little clumsy. But no one can joke about it like you can, and that’s a big part of your charm. You manage to thank your fellow nominees, co-stars, so-called “team,” and family at lightning speed all while being adorably stunned and gracious. Kudos!

    AMPAS / Via

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