Everything I Want To Say To My Fellow Millennials On Election Day

After months and months of deliberating, hypothesizing and enough drama to fill a high school cafeteria, election day is upon us.I cannot believe its finally here.

Its safe to say this has been a long, arduous journey for both candidates and for us Americans. More curveballs have been thrown throughout this election than Noah Syndergaard throws in a year.

In my opinion, its kind of bittersweet that the election will soon be over. What will America have to talk about? Scandals will seem so lame in comparison to Hillary Clintons email investigation and political debates will seem so boring without Donald Trumps brash banter.

As a Millennial, this is the first election I can say Ive truly been heavily invested in. When Obama was elected, I was still fairly young. And although I was interested in politics, I wasnt as aware of what was going on as I am now.

And Ive noticed my fellow Millennials seem to be pretty heavily invested in this election, too.

For those of you who have been paying attention, heres a few things Id like to say to you:

I am proud of you.

So many Millennials aretruly passionate about this election. Ive seen more articles, tweets, Instagram posts and Snapchats about this election than Ive ever seen about a political event before.

Im proud of you, my fellow Millennials, for taking such an interest in the future of our country and for following along so closely with this roller coaster of an election.

Social media is a beautiful thing. Its allowed us to express our opinions effectively and efficiently, and I commend you all for being fearless in expressing your opinions.

Dont count your chickens before they hatch.

Elections can go a multitude of ways. It can seem like theres a clear winner, and then, in a matter of minutes, everything can change.

Id advise you not to jump to any conclusions too early on in the evening. We may not even know who the winner is by the end of the night, so be prepared for a suspenseful few days ahead.

You better vote.

If youre one of those Millennials that has other stuff to do instead of voting tomorrow, heres what I have to say to you: Give me a freaking break.

This is the future of your country were talking about! You can go to the gym in the evening instead of in the morning for one lousy day.

Contrary to popular belief, your vote DOES matter and its important that you take a political stance. You wont have the opportunity to vote for another four years, so get out there and do so now.

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Have your cocktails ready.

Its going to be a long and potentially stressful day/night. Depending on who youre rooting for, there may be reason to celebrate.

I strongly recommend having a Montepulciano in hand, sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride. Do your part and vote, and then sit back and wait for the results.

Everything will be OK.

Even if your preferred candidate doesnt win the election, everything will be all right.

Dry your eyes and carry on. Nothing too terrible is going to happen (hopefully). The only thing you can do to influence the election is vote. After you do that, the rest is out of your hands.

Our Generation Is Fed Up With This Election

I think its safe to say that never in our history have we had an election like this.

Yes, weve had all sorts of presidents. Weve watched the star-studded Ronald Reagan transition from the television screen to the White House, and were alive and well when the very first African-American president was elected.

But never before (and possibly never again) will we experience an election quite like this one.

And if theres one thing weve learned through it all, its that the Millennial vote matters. Your country needs you! So get out and vote.

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