Artist Transforms People Into Celebrities Using Plastic And Paint (Photos)

Marie-Lou DesmeulesMarie-Lou Desmeules

Marie-Lou Desmeules

Some people will do anything to look like their favorite Hollywood celebrities.

Remember that time we showed you the guy who spent $150,000 on plastic surgery to look like his beloved Kim Kardashian?

Well, one Canadian artist, Marie-Lou Desmeules, found a way to make people look like star-studded icons for just a fraction of the cost.

In her latest project, Paint + Plastic Surgery, Desmeules transforms total strangers into celebrities simply using pieces of plastic and some paint. Not to mention, a couple doses of imagination.

Desmeules’ comical portraits feature the recreated faces of everyone from “Baywatch” babe Pam Anderson to Hulk Hogan and even Kim Jong-un.

While her interesting doppelganger portraits appear to be pretty hilarious at times, they ultimately question the roles of celebrities and the societal ideals of beauty.

While some of her techniques might leave you looking a bit botched, you can at least look like your favorite famous person without going under the knife — until you shower, that is.

Take a look at the photos below to see the Paint + Plastic Surgery series.

Meet Marie-Lou Desmeules.


She can transform you into your favorite famous person.


This may look like Karl Lagerfeld…


…But it’s actually a lady with a superb plastic makeover.


Want to look like Amy Winehouse? Desmeules has you covered with that classic cat eye.


How about looking like the legend himself, Hulk Hogan?


Desmeules tackles this transformation with ease.


Have you ever dreamed of having the Sylvester Stallone physique in the movie “Rambo”?


Well, you’re in luck because this artsy “surgeon” can give you massive muscles.


She can even turn you into a prettier version of Vladimir Putin.


World leaders like Kim Jong-un are no match for her makeover skills.


She can really help you achieve that botched “Baywatch” look you’ve always wanted.


This Steve Jobs makeover is the apple of Desmeules’ eye.


Elvis has nothing on this drop-dead gorgeous doppelgänger.


Here’s the whole transformation process.


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