Amanda Bynes Finally Commented On What The F*ck Is Going On With Her

Amanda Bynes outside Guy's night clubAmanda Bynes outside Guy's night club

It appeared as if Amanda Bynes was on something of a downward spiral of late. She was recently arrested for driving under the influence and has been exhibiting strange behavior.

It was reported that her friends and family have been quite concerned about her health and safety.

But, according to a series of tweets that Amanda sent out early this morning, she’s doing just fine.

In the tweets, Bynes claims that all is well with her and that she’s moving to New York to attend NYU or Columbia (and is apparently engaged).

At this point, I would take whatever Bynes says with a grain of salt as she has been known to behave erratically and could potentially suffer from a bevy of mental health issues.

But, hopefully, these tweets actually contain some truth. Check them out below:

H/T: Brobible, Photo Credit: WENN

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