A Woman Was Released From Prison And The Internet Went Mental

1. Schapelle Corby is an Australian woman who was convicted of smuggling 4.2 kgs of marijuana into Bali in 2005.

Supri / Reuters

2. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released on Monday after serving nine years of her sentence.

Darren Whiteside / Reuters

3. Upon her release, Schapelle was swamped by photographers and media personnel. Her face was covered with a tea-towel, which led to most (if not all) photos looking like this:

Murdani Usman / Reuters

4. The internet was quick to react.

Murdani Usman / Reuters

5. And the memes kept on coming.

8. It was also revealed that Australian television station Channel 7 was firming to offer Corby $2 million for her first “tell all interview.”

9. The internet reacted quickly to this as well.

10. Most are upset with her glorification.

12. Whilst others are just happy to have a new meme.

14. Ultimately, the internet has rejoiced at her release (for good and bad reasons).

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