Jenna Dewan And Channing Tatum Want To ‘Force’ Their Daughter To See ‘Step Up’

Dont be too surprised when you see Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Channing Tatums daughter tearing up the dance floor just like her parents did.

The couple sat down for an interview with Womens Wear Daily, revealing the groovy plans they have in store for their 3-year-old daughter Everly.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum started off by saying,

[Everly]s a very free-spirited little kid. She likes to run around and do her own thing. But she loves a tutu and she will put on three or four and go around the house and do little shake moves.

It seems to me like little Everly might be looking to take after her mom and dads epic dance battles from their breakthrough movie roles in Step Up.

The 35-year-old actress went on to reveal that the couple cant wait to show Everly how important the art of dance has been for the pair. Can you blame them?

After all, their classic roles as Tyler Gage and Nora in theAnne Fletcher-directed film is what led to them falling in love in reality.


We keep saying we are going to force feed Step Up to Everly. Like, You have to watch. You have to see where you came from.

Little 3-year-old Everly might be open to dance, but according to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, she wants ZERO parts of the modeling world that Channing and Jenna both explored after acting.

Jenna said,

[Everly] came to a photo shoot with me and the photographer took a picture of us outside. She let me know that night that she did not like that. She said, Mommy Ill go to your photo shoot tomorrow, but I do not want my picture taken. Im like, Understood. I hear your words. Got it.

Either way, its obvious that Everlys going to end up shutting the stage DOWN no matter what industry shes in.

I can see it now. The bright lights, the standing ovations, Channing Tatum crying his eyes out front-row center its happening!

Im just a little shocked that Everly HASNT watched Step Up yet. The movies 10-year anniversary was two weeks ago. If thats not a perfect time to relive the greatness, I dont know what is.

Maybe theyre waiting for her to get just a little older so she can really absorb her mom and dads silver screen love story.

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