This Old ’13 Reasons Why’ Blog From Tony’s Point Of View Will Haunt You

The 13 Reasons Why saga lives on though, in kind of a creepy way.

Now that the story of Hannah Bakerssuicide has become a pop culture phenomenon, fans are starting to uncover some strange internet artifacts from before the YA novel was adapted into a mega-successful Netflix show.

Jay Ashers novel Thirteen Reasons Why was published a decade ago, and to promote the book, the publisher RazorBill organized a sneaky, online promotional campaign that mirrored the plot of the story.


They set up a mysterious blog called Hannahs Reasons on BlogSpot, and posted video clips of Hannahs tapes, as well as some other relevant photos to the story. It was all done in character as Tony, Hannahs confidant (who I think is actually an angel) who was in charge of passing out the tapes.

All the posts on the blog are from 2008 and 2009, but you can still go back and read them today. And trust me, its pretty creepy.


The account mostly posts YouTube clips of Hannahs tapes being recorded. Actress Olivia Thirlby (Juno, Dredd) plays Hannah in the videos, although we just see a tape recorder and hear Hannah recite her tapes.

You can find all of the recordings on the YouTube channel Hannahsfriend13.

Tonys blog also includes a few photos and pieces of media relevant to Hannahs story. He posts the Suicide Prevention Hotlines tips for assessing suicide risk and calls out Mr. Porter, a tribute page to Hannah in Ryans magazine Lost-N-Found and a police report detailing the car crash that killed Jeff.


Blog-Tony addresses the police report post to Jenny (whose name was changed to Sheri in the Netflix series), pointing out she knocked over the stop sign at the intersection.

And the macabre role-playing even continues in the comments section, where accounts under each characters name write replies to the posts. Under the police report post, Jenny defends herself to Blog-Tony.


Its definitely a creepy little artifact, but its an interesting little nugget for all you 13 Reasons Why fans out there. Check out Tonys blog here.

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