Chuck Todd: Don’t complain to me about NBC’s Hillary Clinton miniseries!/chucktodd/status/361204868553261056

How’s that for an endorsement? NBC News’ Chuck Todd is wasting no time reminding his Twitter followers that it’s NBC Entertainment, not NBC News, planning a four-hour miniseries about former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On the plus side, the lack of input by NBC’s news division suggests a chance that the miniseries won’t be a total whitewash of Clinton’s career.

NBC announced earlier today that Diane Lane has signed on to play Clinton, and although no air date has been set, it will likely air before Clinton formally announces her bid for the White House.!/redsteeze/status/361203456922488834

CNN’s Jake Tapper feels Todd’s pain.!/jaketapper/status/361208299657506816

What makes Chuck Todd think that people are going to complain about a four-hour Hillary Clinton drama conveniently timed to coincide with her presidential campaign? It sounds awesome.!/LilMissRightie/status/361193404660592640!/redsteeze/status/361192943484289024!/mattjmobile/status/361218687165931521!/LilMissRightie/status/361192007999303683!/hale_razor/status/361207251584811010

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