2 Hands + 1 Puppet = Endless Possibilities

What is it about puppets that so fascinates us? From an early age, we come into contact with finger puppets, marionettes, or possibly even sock puppets. They introduce us to speech, interaction, and imagination. It’s no wonder they’ve been around since ancient times.

After a time, they are still amusing (just look at the popularity Jim Henson’s Muppets still carry), but we move on to other forms of entertainment. In this digital age, it is so easy to overlook those simple hand-operated characters that once held our attention indefinitely. Still, every once in a while, we see an innovation that sparks that old, child-like sense of wonder.

Meet Barnaby Dixon, YouTube host, animator, and, yes, puppeteer. Barnaby’s interest in animation started back in 2003 when a media center opened near his home. He focuses mainly on stop-motion animation, inspired by films such as The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wallace and Gromit, or The Nightmare Before Christmas. When he couldn’t get the shots he wanted, he knew he needed something to make the job easier. Thus, a puppet was born. 

“It took some time to refine, and alterations may still be made,” he states on his YouTube channel. “But it’s at a stage now that I’m happy to show y’all.”

As you watch this, or one of his other videos, it is easy to see why he is passionate about his creations. The fluid movements of his puppet are quite mesmerizing. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this maxim clearly holds true for Barnaby and his sidekick.

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