Community Post: The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Being A Miley Cyrus Fan

1. You died of happiness each time a new episode premiered.

2. You couldn’t get enough of her facial reactions, like this one.

4. And when she wanted to break free from Hannah and become her true self, you gladly accepted her swap of the blonde wig for brunette extensions.

5. You knew all along that she was “secretly” dating Nick Jonas.

And that “7 Things” was so clearly written about him.

6. And how many times did you watch the Miley and Mandy Show on YouTube?


7. You had to buy their collab Jac Vanek bracelet. IT’S ALL GOOD DOO DA DOO.

8. And while a few photos leaked on the web, like this one…

10. You knew she was just having some innocent fun.

11. Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Right?

12. But then this cover feature in Vanity Fair came out.

Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

13. And you were like…

14. So she released her new movie, The Last Song, and you freaked out to see her on the big screen.

The BIG SCREEN y’all!

15. THIS was included in the gig.

16. And you were all like…

17. But then this seductive photo was released.

18. And you were all…

19. But then things started to take a sharp turn.

20. And you had to explain to family and friends that she’s going to be OK. It’s allllll going to be OK.

21. On Twitter, she released a snapshot of her new ‘do. And you basically died. HOW COULD SHE?!?!

22. But it grew on you and now you love it! Sass and ‘tude and all.

23. YUP. Your motto.

24. But then she went MIA and you missed her a lot.

25. And before you knew it, she came out with the absolute BEST single ever.


26. Shortly after releasing the music video and coining this dance phenomenon.

27. And you were like WHAT (!) but you obviously dug it.

28. She broke records. Because of you.

29. And stunned EVERYONE with her VMA performance.

30. Regardless, you clapped louder than anyone else.

31. And while haters gon’ hate, you felt her raw emotion in this.

32. Your excitement is beyond words for THIS epic album.

33. And no matter the ups and downs, you will ALWAYS be there.

SMILERS unite.

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