Drake’s Dad Just Casually Dropped Drake And Rihanna Are ‘Just Friends’

Theyre friends.

Damn, Dennis, you have no chill at all when it comes to dishing on Drake and Rihanna.

Despite the hearty evidence that supports the theory that Drake and bad girl RiRi are an item thematching shark tattoos, Rihanna professing her love on Instagram, the heart-shaped fur coatDrakes dad,Dennis Graham, insisted that the two were just friends.

Just FRIENDS, Dennis?

We are talking about THIS Drake

Your son, Drake, who has admitted to being in love with Rihana for years?

Not this Drake.


Hmmm, OKDennis.

I willgive you the benefit of the doubt here. My parents used to introduce all my significant others as my little friend as well. Maybe this is just a classic dad move.

But Dennis buckled down, even going as far as saying:

Theres no relationship.

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