Kylie Jenner Doesn’t ‘Look Sexy’ After Food Poisoning In Snapchat Video

One of the least sexy things in the world is food poisoning, and Kylie Jenner knows the struggle is real.

Last night, after a pretty busy day (judging by her snaps), Kylie told fans she went to the doctor again because she had food poisoning. She said,

I had food poisoning over the weekend, and it has not been fun.

Yes, even Kardashians get food poisoning sometimes, even though it sounds like they all watch what they put into their mouths. Regardless, it sucks for them, too!

Snapping from her bed, under the covers and pretty much in the dark, shecontinued,

Ugh, I dont look sexy right now at all.

She promised fans shell show off her new Lip Kit colors on Wednesday, though. Hopefully by then she feels better!

At least she didnt get food poisoning while recently celebrating her 19th birthday with friends at a giant mansion in Turks and Caicos. Still, this doesnt come at a great time for King Kylie, since shes obviously pretty busy with new products for her clothing line.

Kylie, weve all been there. Food poisoning can really take it out of you.

Despite her situation, she has a positive attitude, and its good shes going to the doctor. Seems like Kylie is way more responsible than I am.

Ive only gotten food poisoning a couple times, but whenever it happened I stayed in bed hoping it was just a bad dream.

She also managed to play around with some filters earlier in the day, so it looks likeshes going to be just fine.

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