Woman Tries To Kill Her Mother By Copying A ‘Breaking Bad’ Poison Plot

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When 37-year-old Indian woman Kuntal Patel met her American boyfriend, Niraj Kakad, online, she fell in love. The only problem was her abusive, violent mother, Meena.

Patel is being tried for attempted murder after slipping the poison Abrin into Meena’s Diet Coke. She allegedly believed that killing her mother was the only way to be free of her iron-fisted control.

When Patel first told Meena about her love for Kakad, the woman allegedly called her daughter a “witch” who “cannot be [her] blood.” Meena took control of Patel’s credit cards, physically abused her and broke into her email account.

As Meena took every opportunity to ruin Patel’s chances for marriage, the woman became increasingly desperate. While watching season 5, episode 16 of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” Patel saw a character murdered with Ricin.

Patel took to the Internet, eventually purchasing Abrin from a dealer she called “Heisenberg” on an anonymous website. She’d heard it was more toxic the Ricin notorious Walter White used.

The problem is that Abrin needs to be injected or inhaled rather than swallowed. When Meena drank the Diet Coke, she was entirely unaffected.

Unbeknownst to Patel, her nearly $1,500 toxic purchase was from a site under surveillance by the FBI. She’d also searched “how to create botulism,” “how to murder using poison” and “how to murder someone without getting caught” online.

To date, Patel’s trial is ongoing.

H/T: The Guardian, Photo Courtesy: High Bridge Entertainment/ Breaking Bad 

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