Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Want A Lot Of Cash For Their Wedding Special

Rob Kardashian has been back in the reality TV game for less than a season, but that won’t stop him from demanding a seven-figure wedding special for himself and fianc Blac Chyna.

The couple, who recently announced they’d be starring in a reality series documenting Chyna’s pregnancy, reportedly demanded a wedding special with a million-dollar pay day.

For those of us who don’t make a living in front of the camera and whose weddings will likely go unwatched by even the attending guests, a million dollars for a wedding special sounds pretty nuts.

It almost seems as though Rob pitched the idea of a wedding special based on the financial success of Kim’s reality TV wedding to basketball throwerKris Humphries, and when producers asked his price, the youngest Kardashian just blurted out a number.

No amount of money sounds as fake as, UhhI don’t knowlike, a million dollars?

Someone receiving a million-dollar payout for getting married is like someone receiving a free pair of Yeezys every time he or shepees in the toilet instead of the sink: It greatly benefits those participatingbut remains largely undeserved based on the fact pretty much anyone can do it.

If Rob Kardashian wants a million dollars to mold a clay bowl while skydiving on live television, on the other hand, that’s a deal worth making.

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